Best Presents For Men

We all know that when birthdays and holidays roll around, men can be a little bit tough to shop for. So does this mean that you should resort to yet another bottle of cologne that will sit in his bathroom cabinet for years to come? No way! There are plenty of useful and creative gifts out there for the men in your life; gifts that he will appreciate, enjoy, and treasure.

The first factor to consider when selecting a present for a man is his personality and what he likes to do in his free time. Is he a nature lover, or a major do-it-yourselfer? Is he a total fitness buff, or a grill master? Try to think about how he likes to spend his leisure time, rather than his career. Sure, a nice alarm clock is a smart gift, but maybe not the best if it reminds him that he is obligated to rise at 5:45 each morning for work. Guys like gifts that aren’t necessarily essentials, but instead make them feel a little bit luxuriated. Try to think of something that he wouldn’t normally buy for himself.

For the nature lover and wildlife lover, a creative gift is to adopt an endangered animal in his name through a wildlife federation, or to buy him a star through the International Star Registry. Symbolic gifts such as these are nice for the guy who already has a cluttered home or a lot of “stuff.” Consumable items are also excellent option for the guy who already seems to have it all. You can’t go wrong with a selection of gourmet chocolates, or a box of Omaha Steaks. Or, if he is already fully stocked with the latest high-tech gadgets, there are many presents that will go hand-in-hand with his gadget collection. Look for a universal remote to allow him to condense those remotes that are spread out across his coffee table (and down in the couch cushions), or a mobile phone sterilizer to keep his beloved Blackberry clean and free of germs. If your guy enjoys classic gifts such as neckties and cuff links, try bumping this present up to the next level. Gift him with a beautiful silk tie and coordinating pocket square, along with useful necktie accessories. Any guy who likes to be the best dressed man in the room will appreciate this classic, and classy, present.

One thing that guys definitely enjoy as well is a gift that keeps on giving. If he enjoys surfing, for example, gift him with a subscription to a surfing magazine. This way, he can look forward to receiving a part of the present every month in his mailbox for a year. This same concept can be applied to many other ideas as well. You can find a “of the month” club for just about anything you can think of, from beer, to olives, coffee, cheese, cookies or cakes… you can even find a bacon of the month club!

If you really feel like flexing your creative muscles, remember that the internet puts a lot of unique present options at your fingertips. If your guy has always wanted to try a real Chicago deep dish pizza, see if a pizza parlor there can ship you one. And no matter what, don’t forget that as long as your present comes from the heart, he is sure to love it. A gift that has been selected with thoughtfulness and care is always the best gift.