Give a Lasting Present This Christmas

Exchanging presents don’t seem to be so special, than exchanging them on an occasion, as special as Christmas. There are many different ways of expressing your affection and love to the important people, important in your lives;, therefore giving presents is one of the beautiful ways. So the present needs to be unique and extraordinary.

People spend lots on of money to cook delicious foods, decorate their homes, buy Christmas trees, wear new clothes, and most of all buy gifts for each other. It is an occasion for everyone; children, young and old. You get to meet and spend quality time with your friends, family members and relatives. Christmas is not about giving expensive presents, but it is about, the thought behind giving lasting presents – the thought of caring and sharing.

Imagine if this Christmas you receive a lasting-present of your pick choice from someone, how exciting you will feel. Similarly while giving a lasting Christmas present to your loved one, its better you give them something of their choice.

It is very quite easy to select a lasting-present because each store has separate gift catalogues for each every age group. But before even planning to go out and getting in the feel of festivity, you should definitely list down the number of people you want to buy lasting-presents for along with their preferences. Some people are extremely trendy, and would love things from the new collection this Christmas, while some prefer classical and conventional stuff.

There is such a large huge variety of Christmas lasting-presents to choose from, it is best to decide and buy them much in advance. You can either go to various stores personally or shop online. The list includes; Christmas gift baskets, gadgets, jewelry, books, stuffed toys, perfumes, outfits, iPods, wallets – the list is endless.

It is best to categorize your list, as following;
Lasting-presents for your dad: You can personalize the gift by simply making a card mentioning, how important his presence is for you. Your dad will treasure such a lasting-present. You can even give him a novel, cardigan, calendar and or a sports kit.

Lasting-presents for your mom: Your mom will love if you present her with fresh flowers or her favorite perfume. But a lasting-present would be something for her home;, such as decorations, cushions and or lamps.

Lasting presents for your brothers and sisters: Your brothers and sisters, if young, would love iPods, gadgets, jewelry, watches, caps and outfits of their choice.

Lasting presents for your boy/girl friend: A lasting present on Christmas for your boyfriend would be his favorite perfume. You can even give him a scrapbook with pictures, shirt, cool scarf or a wallet. Girls love accessorizing, so for your girlfriend, you can buy a clutch, bag or a jewelry item.

Lasting presents for your grandparents: Again to make the present lasting and loving, personalize it. Make a Christmas gift basket and fill it with things they would always love to keep with themselves, such as cards, pictures, torch, scarf, their favorite music and songs, and handkerchief.

To Negotiate Successfully Become Proficient At Conflict Resolution

When it comes to conflict resolution, some negotiators enter into such activities with neither thought nor plan for the manner by which they’ll engage the other negotiator. In so doing, they place themselves in a less favorable position than if they’d thought through the process.

Whether you’re in a business or personal environment, you’re always negotiating. As such, there will be times when you’ll have to engage in conflict resolution. In so doing, consider the following:

1) Before you become upset by your perception of a situation that you view as requiring conflict resolution, check your perspective and seek to understand the other person’s point of view. Be sure you understand the cause of that person’s discomfort from an intellectual standpoint and if possible, assimilate that person’s emotional state of mind into your own mindset.

2) Observe the body language of the person with whom you think you may have a disagreement. Determine if what you see matches what you hear.

a.)Watch the eyes. The eyes may hold in-sight to the resolution.

The eyes can give insight into the real thoughts that are occurring in someone’s mind. Typically, if you ask someone a question and they look up and to the left, they’re attempting to recall a past experience. If they look up and to the right, they’re being creative with their response (making something up). Therefore, if someone looks up and to the right, when thinking about a past experience, you should become attuned to the fact that their discomfort may not relate to the situation at hand. It may be complicated by additional circumstances that are not applicable in the current situation.

b.)In a conflict resolution, the feet can keep you from defeat.

When addressing someone in person, observe the positioning of his or her feet. While they’re totally engaged with you, they’ll tend to have their feet pointed towards you. When they are in the process of disengaging, they’ll point one foot, or both feet, away from you.

c.) Speech patterns, in person, over the phone, and via e-mail give a glimpse into the mind.

When attempting to resolve conflicts, note the pace at which a person speaks. In particular, take note in the change of their pace and at what point the change occurs. In so doing, if you’re astute, you can discern the sources of motivation that stimulates someone to take a particular action. Alter the pace and you alter their perspective.

3) Make sure you listen to the fact that sometimes, people just want to know that they’re being heard. If you encounter such a situation, to the degree you can, let the other person speak. Be a patient listener and don’t interrupt them.

4) Listen for the emotional level of the conflict for the degree of stress that’s involved. Assess whether someone is using misplaced aggression from another situation and projecting it into the situation with you. In essence, assess what the real source of a conflict is before addressing it.

Conflict resolution can be difficult, in any aspect of your life. The better skilled you are and prepared to address conflicts, the more capable you’ll become at finding the appropriate solution in the appropriate situation… and everything will be right with the world. Remember, you’re always negotiating.

Negotiation Quote:

“Never fear to engage in conflict resolution and when possible, never engage in conflict resolution out of fear.” – Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator

The Negotiation Tips Are…

· In every aspect of your life, you negotiate. So, the better you become at conflict resolution, the better you’ll become at negotiating.

· When negotiating, you give others insight into your demeanor. Therefore, always be aware of the demeanor you display.

· Conflict resolution can be unpleasant. It’s something that you may not like to do, but it can relieve tension and pressure from an otherwise irritating situation.

How to Find a Dry Erase Easel For Your Business Meeting and Presentation

What is a dry erase easel? It is usually made of aluminum or steel. It comes with white board. The white board portion is generally made out of porcelain and it will not be scratched easily. Nowadays, many people like to use dry erase easels for business meetings, trainings, seminars and presentations because they are portable and can be reused with no limit in a very convenient manner. Besides, many sport teams like to use the easels as training aid in the fields.

What are the special features you can find from the dry erase easels?

• They come in different sizes and you can choose the size based on your personal needs. You can also adjust the height of the easels easily. Even young kids can use these easels because they can be adjustable to children’s height.

• The white board portion is hard and durable and it does not dent in the long run. You can choose to have magnetic or non-magnetic white board.

• Most of the easels come with trays that hold markers, erasers, rubber pads, flip charts, papers, poster boards, etc. Some special easels are double sided.

• All easels are light and they can be brought along easily when you travel.

• These tools are cost-saving because they can be reused in a variety of different situations. Whatever written on the easels can be completely erased after use. When you don’t need easels, you can store them easily because they don’t take up much space.

Besides all the special features above, a dry erase easel is well accepted because of its cost. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to purchase a new one. Even if the white board portion is spoilt, you don’t need to get a new set. What you need to do is to replace the particular portion only.

Where can you get these great tools?

Currently, there are many online suppliers who are offering these easels at low prices. You can do online shopping to get the easels. For your information, when you purchase from the online suppliers, they will ship the items and deliver to your doorstep. You can purchase these tools through internet easily. However, you are reminded to go the websites of different suppliers to find out the prices and the features of different easels. Find out the materials used if possible. Prices may vary from one supplier to another. Some providers offer wholesale prices if you purchase in bulk. You can also get yourself the easel accessories in order to make your set more perfect. Hence, you need to spend some time doing thorough comparison before you make your purchasing decision. The most important is to get a trustworthy and reputable supplier who provides quality products.