Fog Lights for Cars – Halogen, LED, or HID?

Getting stuck by a cloud of thick fog during that chilly winter can tone down your plan for the day. Fog poses a serious threat to safety and security and also many drivers don’t have much experience of driving in such fogs. Visibility is almost nill during such situations especially on low-lit roads or at night.

Precisely the reason that most cars have fog light setups installed with regular headlights. Fog lights are designed in a way that they can cut through the fog and are actually lifesavers. Traditional Halogen car lights are now being replaced by LEDs. This technology is being used for car headlights, taillights, brake lights, interior lights, and even fog lights. Gone are the days of Halogens.

The water droplets combined with fog are all the more dangerous as they reflect the light into the driver’s eyes. LED fog lights can easily penetrate the fog and can make the visibility better. These white lights can really save the day while driving at night. The foremost function of fog lights for the car is to illuminate the blurred road ahead. Selecting the proper HID or LED fog lights and installing them at the right height is (two feet off the ground) will help you improve your visibility. The positioning and the light color are both essential to experience a safer drive during a foggy night. Before the winter starts, make sure fog lights for cars are properly working and emitting the best quality lights.

How to use your Fog lights

The driver can easily operate the fog lights from the headlight controls. Many vehicles use separate buttons to activate rear and front-fitted fog bulbs. Whereas others have collar-type switches/buttons that can be turned off and on when required. Some cars have a rotary light switch to control these lights too – where you just need to pull the switch and the fog lights will be turned on.

When to use your Fog lights

The slightest bit of mist in the air is not the reason enough to switch on your fog lights. Fog lights are not only designed just for fog days but also for other poor environmental conditions like heavy rains or snowy days. The fog lights make you visible to other drivers. They are mostly used when the car headlights are not enough to make you visible to other road users.

Which is the best Fog light for your car

Many newer models of cars have foregone the HID fog lights and are now opting for LED daytime running lights (DRLs). These have become a compulsory requirement for many cars. They are not designed to illuminate the road ahead but to give you visibility during bad weather conditions.

When the fog is cleared, the driver must switch off the fog lights because it might dazzle the other drivers. Be aware of the prevailing climatic conditions and use the fog lights accordingly. If you took a break in your journey, chances are that the fog lights might switch off with the ignition. Make sure that once you switch on your car’s ignition, the fog lights should be used only if it is still required.

Fog lights are only required when the visibility is poor and should not be turned on during normal days or nights. These lights do not have the same illumination capacity as the headlights, therefore the fog lights will not give you the extra light to help you see where you are going on the road.

One more no-no to use fog light is during a wet climate. The fog lights are extra bright, therefore their reflection is doubled by the wet road. The lights are anyhow caused extra glare from other cars windscreens and thus it becomes difficult to focus on the road.

Benefits of LED fog lights

LED fog lights are highly efficient and are a big styling piece of car accessories. Giving remarkable visibility in low light conditions, the driver can enjoy a safer drive as they can easily detect pebbles, stones, broken trees, animals, or bumps.

Like LED car headlights, LED fog lights are very cost-effective. They can last for a good amount of time as they pull less energy from the battery. Thus, increasing the overall efficiency of the car. Apart from this, these lights look very stylish when compared to HID fog lights. Providing a comfortable night drive vision, they do not harm or strain the driver’s eyes. Highly durable and incredibly efficient these car lights are now the talk of the town and are a favorite among many car manufacturers. OSRAM LED fog lights to deliver the best performance in low light conditions without burning a hole in your pocket. The brand is known for its super-efficient LED headlights for cars and high-quality services.

HID fog lights

High-Intensity Discharge or HID are also known as Xenon bulbs. These car lights are powerful than your old Halogens but do not lack the efficiency of LEDs. Though these car fog lights consume less energy and throw a bright light they cannot live much longer than LEDs.

They illuminate up to 70% of the road in low visibility conditions and they emit very less amount carbon dioxide – making them eco-friendly too.

Halogen Fog lights

Halogens are the light bulbs for cars for decades. Many vehicles are standardized with halogen fog lights in many parts of the globe. An age-old technology is now facing its elimination due to the better advancements in HID and LED fog lights technologies.

Halogens provide yellow lights that might create a problem for some drivers as they might harm their eyes. Thus, carmakers have upgraded to newer technologies.

What to choose??

It’s up to you what you decide to use. It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a cheaper option without spending a fortune then Halogen fog lights are the right kind for you. You can upgrade to a better halogen bulb to boost your fog light performance.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a smart buy and do not mind spending more initially, then LED or HID fog lights offer you better quality and performance. LED fog lights give you the look and style of your car with better performance saving you money in the longer run. Now owners have options for HID or LED car lights. They both have their benefits and limitations too. But are any given day better than Halogens.

Christmas Presents for Girlfriend: How to Stay Out of the Doghouse

Wondering what kind of present to get your girlfriend for Christmas? Women are easy to please as long as you get them a present that shows you love them and pay attention to their tastes and preferences. There are many things to consider when trying to decide what the ideal present for your girlfriend is. This article will help you determine which gift would be ideal to present to your girlfriend on Christmas morning.

First of all, you will want to base your decision for the present on how long you have been going out and how serious the relationship is. You won’t give the same type of present if you are a new couple as you would if you have been going out for a year or more. If you give her a gift that`s too serious like a ring, you may scare her away. However if you have been going out for a while, a gift that says you are not scared of commitment may be expected and appreciated.

Thoughtful Christmas presents for girlfriends are the ones that show you pay attention to her tastes and preferences is best. Is she into knitting, cooking, tattoos, books, music, techie gadgets or embroidery? Buying her a present that she wouldn’t necessarily buy herself because it`s a luxury item will really treat her and score points for you. Any of the following gifts will buy you a ticket out of the dog house and secure a place into her heart. Hope these ideas inspire you to find the perfect present for your honey-pie.

Top 5 Gifts for New Relationship Girlfriend

1-Music CD or iTunes card

2-Necklace or bracelet (if you plan on being with this girl for a while)

3-Flowers ( not red roses unless you love the lady)

4-Pamper Me Gift Basket

5-Tickets For 2 for concert, play or other event

Top 5 Gifts for Long Time Girlfriend

1- Ring

2-Spa treatment gift certificate

3- Romantic getaway

4- Houseplant Garden Basket

5- Perfume

6- Clothing

Another gift that would be perfect for most all girlfriends is a Christmas floral arrangement. There are many options to gift your loved one with flowers during the holidays even if you have no idea what tastes she has. From roses in a fancy vase, a mixed Christmas bouquet to a centerpiece composed of fir, pine and cedar boughs around a candle, perhaps a keepsake Christmas statue along with fresh red and white flowers, pinecones and red berries will please the great majority of all women at Christmas time.

Bomb! Ten Easy Steps to Blow Up Your Next Big Presentation – Guaranteed!

Your next presentation is just around the corner. To ensure devastating impact, just follow these ten steps and watch your career catch fire.

1. Avoid Excessive Research

Research is for geeks and bookworms. Do you really want to bore your audience with a bunch of statistics and facts that they can easily get from the library or from Google?

You want to tell people your version of how things work, not someone else’s ideas that have been posted all over the Internet already.

2. Be Spontaneous

Preparation and rehearsals are for amateurs, or actors. By practicing your presentation you only sabotage your chances for spontaneity. Just scribble down a few notes and stuff them in your pocket in case you need them for reference. This allows you to improvise as you go, keeping your talk lively and interesting. People hate predictability.

Plus, by rehearsing your presentation you run the risk of having a bunch of know-it-alls give you unwanted feedback, which may tempt you to make last-minute changes. Do you really want to start over? Remember, this is YOUR show!

3. Always Start 15 Minutes Later

When you go to a 7:30 movie, what time does the feature presentation actually start? Around 7:45. There are usually at least 15 minutes of commercials and previews, to allow people enough time to settle in for the big show.

If this strategy works for multimillion-dollar movies, it will work for you too.

Besides, if you start your talk right on time you’ll only get distracted by the latecomers.

4. Calm Your Nerves

To avoid getting nervous prior to your presentation, have a big meal and an alcoholic beverage right before you start your talk. Both will help you relax to the point where you wish you could take a nap. If food and beverages are not available at the time, head to the nearest pharmacy and get some cold medicine or sleep aids. But don’t overdo it. All you want to do is take the edge off, not go to sleep.

5. Open With a Joke

People like to laugh. Telling a joke at the beginning of your talk will serve as a great ice breaker. And if they hate the rest of your presentation, at least you made them laugh right at the start. And first impressions are the most important.

If you can’t remember any good politically incorrect jokes, pick on someone in the audience. That’s what stand-up comedians do. Before long, you’ll have the audience roaring and in a great mood.

6. Ignore the Audience

When you finally get up to speak, don’t look anyone in the eye. They’ll just make you nervous with their constant staring!

Also, if people shake their heads or roll their eyes while you’re speaking, you won’t get distracted by looking at them, so you stay right on track with your presentation.

7. Use Jargon Liberally

You’re the expert, right? You speak a specialized language that only you and a handful of other experts in your field know. You’ve earned the right to use it. If your audience can’t keep up, it isn’t your problem. Maybe next time they’ll be better prepared and study up on the topic you’re speaking on.

8. Don’t use Audio Visuals

PowerPoint is the devil. It’s complicated and technical and cumbersome to drag around. Plus it adds unnecessary preparation time. And who’s going to set it up? What if there aren’t any electrical outlets or they’re too far from the front of the room? You don’t want to burden yourself with all these technical details. Skip the fancy technology.

9. Time is Money

What you have to say is too important to fit into a predetermined time slot. You might take twenty minutes, you might take two hours. If inspiration strikes during your presentation and you think of additional information your audience should know, are you supposed to withhold it? That wouldn’t be very ethical. Pack as much detail as possible into your speech.

On the flipside, if you run out of things to say before your allocated time is up, people can get back to work and you’ll have directly contributed to office productivity. It’s a win-win situation.

10. Leave Quickly

Audiences are infamous for asking questions after presentations, and if you stick around you’ll only set yourself up for annoying Q & A sessions.

Obviously people weren’t paying attention while you were speaking, so why should you reward them by answering questions that you most likely covered during your talk?

Watch the President the next time he makes a statement to the press. As soon as he’s said what he wants to say, he heads for the exit, with reporters shouting questions after him. Does he waste his time? Neither should you. Perhaps the audience should take notes next time.